(From C. M.' s picture archives of the 1970's for the GlobalFiestas site)

The earth has warmed up and the green shoots are pushing their way towards the sun. In Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico, the tribe gathers to invoke the protective spirits and rain for abundant corn crops.

The elders begin the ceremony with the drum beat and chanting on the central plaza surrounded by the ancient adobe walls. They are joined by younger men and women in traditional Tewa clothing. They take turns rythmically pounding the ground. The dance eventually becomes a game as the braves block the way of the maidens to the ladder leading to the entrance of the Kiva ceremonial room.

The corn dance is performed twice a day. As the crowds gather on the roof in the late afternoon, clouds darken the sky and the rain begins to fall. The dance has fufilled it’s purpose. The corn will grow thick and sweet.

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