The Whips, as the coach owners are called, come to visit Newport, RI every three years from New Jersey, Pensylvania, Vermont, and sometimes as far as the states of Kentucky, Minnesota and Illinois.

They bring their fine strong horses and antique carriages for a week-end celebration of superb coaching craftsmanship.  As the meticulously harnessed horses are led down Bellevue avenue with their elegantly dressed passengers sitting on top of the lacquered coach, people walking around the town of Newport can believe - for a moment – that they have stepped back in time; when the best example of this mode of transportation was the norm during the summer months in the 19th century. The carriage dog, sometimes a dalmatian etc...can be seen running along as the livery clad attendants hop aboard in the back at the sound of the brass horn. Southern women have devised an ingenious way of putting the boot to good use during the various stops at friends’ houses along the route. Demonstrations of expert handling of the four-in-hands, park drags and other coaches take place on the grounds of the properties of the Preservation Society of Newport County. Tally-Ho!!