Hold on to your hats!....The winds of spring are chasing the clouds, ruffling decorative feathers, making it a perfect Saturday on the eve of Easter Sunday for an elegant promenade down aptly named “Meeting Street” in Charleston, South Carolina.

In the morning, southern belles in all their finery gather in Washington Park. Led by Top Hat Archie Burkel - at the strike of eleven a.m. on the steeple clock of Saint Michael’s church - the promenade of ladies with their families and friends starts to the tune of Irving Berlin’s “The Easter Parade” sung by Lis Adams.

Onlookers applaud the gentility displayed by local residents and enjoy seeing the stylish ladies who also volunteer with compassion for various causes. The promenade participants eventually reach the South Battery gazebo. From there it is a short stroll to the grand building that is the Palmer Home B&B for pink lemonade and the traditional children’s egg hunt. The azalea petals are in full bloom and the Spanish moss sways gently in the breeze.

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